Do you know that around 71% of enterprises across the world consider mobile technology a must to
stay agile and ahead of the curve? Today’s workforce is mobile, global, remote, and location
independent. With the significant growth of connected devices come the challenges to stay securely
connected and cost effective. This is where working with an experienced Managed Mobility Service
provider can help.

A best practice Managed Mobility Service transforms your business into a mobility-equipped enterprise.This includes everything from optimizing carrier rate plans and features, reporting on usage and costs,
procuring and deploying devices, supporting your employees with connected devices and securely
managing older devices as they are removed from service all with a seamless connection between
remote workers and the organization mobile policies.

Wondering how the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) can benefit your business? Let’s dig in:

  1. An efficient process to support device requests and the deployment of mobile services utilizing automated and streamlined workflows. This significantly decreases the workload of your IT team while providing an exceptional employee experience.
  2. An integrated expense management focus will ensure mobile service usage is always aligned to the best possible rate plans, features and discounts. Providing visibility into costs and consumptions provides a partnership with your business units to jointly manage mobile costs.
  3. Proactively analyzing near real-time consumptions and implementing intra month changes as
    needed prevents unwelcomed billing overages and spikes.
  4. Improve your remote workforce productivity by keeping them up and running with access to
    24x7x365 mobile experts.
  5. Actively manage your inventory of connected devices by upgrading devices in alignment with
    your guidelines and security requirements while properly wiping and disposing of retired assets.
  6. The mobility specialists configure, secure, and automate the management of mobile apps across
    all devices while ensuring that workers assess the right content.
  7. MMS pay for themselves with hard dollar savings and cost avoidance making it a no brainer win-
    win for the enterprise and their employees.

Want to leverage these benefits? Talk with OVATION Wireless about getting the right Managed
Mobility Services that align with your business needs and budgets. Our mobility professionals combine a
systematic approach with rich experience to simplify enterprise mobility while allowing you to harness
your full mobile potential.