Best in class support services

IT teams are faced with many tasks when supporting end users’ mobile devices. Not only is the hardware involved to keep devices working and employees connected, but support in this area may also involve troubleshooting wireless carrier services, operating systems, business applications, mobile device management systems and more.

With the complexities of all of this, we find most companies are not fully equipped to support their end users with such a wide array of tasks regarding mobility. But we are.

OVATION provides mobile device and help desk support for all your end users on whatever mobile device they use. Our Mobility Support Services brings a high quality of service to quickly resolve your employees’ mobile device issues and minimize device downtime.

OVATION’s Mobility Support includes:

High first call resolution
100% U.S based staff
Industry-leading customer satisfaction
Customized experience per client
24/7/365 service and support
Communication with your end users (phone, chat, AI chat, SMS, Microsoft Teams and email)
Certified expertise in mobility tech support
Support Levels Work Flows Customized

OVATION has many support levels we can tailor to your company's needs that include:

  • 24/7/365 onshore support
  • Multi-lingual – voice and chat
  • Multi-channel and cutting edge
  • End user help, technical support, and hardware (day 2) support
  • Certification and support of all major OEMs
  • Comprehensive MDM/EMM/UEM support capabilities, including supporting infrastructure stack

Mobile is the new normal. Many businesses have adopted a mobile-first strategy, using mobile technology to completely transform how they do business and incorporate their workflows. Keeping devices running smoothly for all employees is crucial in this environment.

Our Mobility Support Services reduces downtime, while maintaining business workflows. We manage spare pools of devices for use and repair, helping to optimize equipment costs. And through our day-to-day support, we resolve many device issues where the device would have otherwise been returned, only later to find out there was “no issue with the device.

We work with each client to develop a customized support program that includes a knowledge base containing your approved company’s devices, mobility policies and helpful information for your employees to quickly resolve their issue. We find that many support requests can be answered with our knowledge base materials.

OVATION communicates with your employees exactly how they prefer to converse, whether it be a phone call with a live agent, through chat, SMS, Microsoft Teams or email. We also use AI powered chat to assist in those Frequently Asked Questions that can provide instant information, links to company documents, how-to-guides and articles, for their supported device(s).