Any existing contracts your company may have in place with the carriers are applicable and do not affect our ability to optimize your rate plans. Our involvement with your account does not adversely affect your established carrier relationships.
It’s a best practice to establish a regular device refresh cadence with your wireless device population. This ensures your end users have the most up to date hardware and software that can be supported by the manufacturers’ updated operating systems.
Although GDPR is a European standard, it is also important to maintain the ability to anonymize end user mobility data for their privacy purposes and most systems are unable to accommodate.
Our team guarantees savings of 10% or more or there is no charge to engage with OVATION. Typically savings average 20% - 40% initially and then 10% - 20% year over year. In many cases these savings more than pay for the cost of our ongoing support services.
Depending on the service, as much or as little time as you would like. We have designed our services to require minimal time on the part of the client as OVATION does all the heavy lifting.
Once we have all your users and devices mapped correctly it typically takes just a few weeks to fully onboard a client for Support Services. We can start taking technical and support calls right away once we have your business rules and guidelines in place.