Contract Management

Case Studies

Contract Management

The company has approximately 2,800 stores and offices under various retail and corporate brand. Their network reaches across dozens of countries and employs over 13,000 people.

Our task was to perform an in-depth review of global travel organizations toll free service bills, contracts, and inventory. Our approach with the client was to provide a comprehensive inbound solution and consolidation strategy with all providers at a reduced term commitment.

Toll Free Service Bills

  • The client had multiple vendors providing inbound service at variety price                points and configurations with an annual spend for their 800 #’s at nearly                $500K
  • The client had already negotiated a reduction in rates on one vendor by 18%          for a 3-year term, the other vendors had not been reviewed
  • There was a total of 600+ toll free numbers that were being impacted                                                                                                                                                            We provided a total solution to all their toll-free numbers to issue an RFQ to 3 vendors, provided benchmarking data and competitive analysis. We negotiated further consolidation and reduced term commitments therefore saving the client over $215K in annual savings and a 47% average savings across all vendors. We were able to negotiate a $15K signing bonus and managed the entire change process with all vendors including implementing the conversion.
  • Annual Cost Reduction
  • Retail & Corporate Brands