Cornelius, NC, May 27, 2020/ / OVATION Wireless Management, a leader of Managed Mobility Solutions, is pleased to announce it has partnered with TRUCE Software to provide an industry-leading contextual mobile device management technology to its clients that helps eliminate the distractions and costs associated with mobile device misuse.

Each year there are approximately 2.5 million automobile crashes that are a result of distracted driving and research studies have shown the risk of a crash is four times as likely when a person is using a cell phone, handheld or hands-free. The National Safety Council estimates that 25% of crashes involve cell phones with 21% of drivers holding conversations and 4% texting. The cost of physical damage per fleet can range in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on size and specialty. Furthermore, the average cost per commercial accident is estimated to be $24,057 based on with some recent gross negligence claims in the millions.

“It is easy to see that with a fleet of drivers on the road using mobile devices, the risk of an on-the-job accident becomes high if the proper measures are not taken to eliminate distractions from cell phones,” commented Lance Merklein, OVATION’s senior vice president of Mobile Fleet Solutions. “The ability to take device distraction out of the equation with TRUCE not only becomes a game changer for driver safety-related cost reductions but also driver efficiency, which benefits the bottom line.”

Companies using the TRUCE app report a decrease in their auto-insurance policies after accident rates decrease. A recent TRUCE-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting concluded that interviewed companies utilizing TRUCE’s technology achieved a payback in less than three months and a 360% return on investment over three years.

In addition to fleet operations, employers can utilize TRUCE’s contextual mobile device management technology to proactively eliminate device distractions within corporate offices, industrial settings, and construction jobsites – all without compromising employee productivity. This empowers the enforcement of company mobile device policies without affecting employee mobile use outside of designated work zones or on their personal time.

For example, employees working on factory floors and at commercial construction sites would be unable to access texting apps, social media, gaming apps, etc., all distractions that research shows can cause work-related accidents. For commercial drivers, all notifications are silenced so they can focus on the road and driving safely. When the vehicle stops and the driver returns to a safe work zone, they can see and respond to the notifications that came in while driving.

Most fleets use in-cab video cameras and telematics to monitor driver behavior. However, the study by Forrester in 2019 noted that while in-cab cameras and telematics are certainly helpful in providing information, they do not actually change driver behavior and simply report on what behavior is already occurring.

TRUCE Software, in conjunction with a company’s chosen telematics, provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate and eliminate distracted driving for fleets and businesses while improving employee satisfaction, since employees no longer have to worry about answering the constant pings and vibrations of text and email messages while driving.

Merklein further adds, “Whether behind the wheel of a rig, in the warehouse, or driving a company car, TRUCE makes work safer by giving you the ability to manage employee mobile device usage in specific areas and times that you define.”

OVATION provides the devices, accessories, and carrier services to make the entire mobility bundle available, affordable, and safe. It specializes in creating a custom program and managing as many of the day-to-day wireless processes as needed to generate efficiencies and cost reductions for its clients.

“The partnership with OVATION enables our customers to activate large scale mobility deployments quickly and efficiently,” said Pete Plotas, vice president of global alliances, TRUCE Software. “OVATION facilitates mobile program planning and the ability to manage, secure and support mobile connected devices and employees.”

About TRUCE Software

TRUCE offers the first Mobile Device Management platform to provide flexible, contextual enforcement of a mobile device policy, allowing companies to temporarily suspend distracting mobile apps based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group. Truce’s patented technology operates on both iOS and Android platforms, supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide. Established in 2009, TRUCE Software is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois with research and development in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To learn more, go to

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Based outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, OVATION is a privately held company providing global enterprise Managed Mobility Solutions and Unified Endpoint Management.  Enterprises rely on OVATION’s more than 750 years of collective wireless experience to help manage, optimize, secure and support their mobile connected devices and employees. OVATION’s reporting tools are GDPR compliant and provide visibility of cost, usage and inventory for companies that utilize wireless carriers globally.

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