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Are you prepared for POTS line replacement?

Are you prepared for POTS line replacement? First, what is POTS? POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service, meaning analog copper phone lines. It’s a voice transmission phone system that has been around for decades, that evolved from an earlier system invented in the 1880s. POTS was cutting edge when it was initially invented, but […]
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Dealing with Cyber Threats in a 5G World

Dealing with Cyber Threats in a 5G World Back in early 2020, we were beginning to look seriously at the emergence of 5G technology in the U.S. and around the world. Our piece on ‘5G Highlights as We Enter 2020’ noted that said emergence depended on the availability of networks, and that availability at the […]
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Device Lifecycle Management blog

Why Device Lifecycle Management Matters

Why Device Lifecycle Management Matters The one thing we can always count on is change, especially when it comes to Device Lifecycle Management. Being prepared to manage through change is a must have for any successful organization.  Changes affecting Device Lifecycle can be brought on by numerous factors including operating systems, carriers’ contracts, personal vs […]
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Enterprise Device Security and What You Need to Know

Enterprise Device Security and What You Need to Know Now that much of the corporate workforce is remote at least part of the time, enterprise device security is more important than ever. An enterprise needs robust endpoint management for its devices to ensure accurate and secure management is in place. When the FBI released its […]
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How enterprise mobility can help people in your company

Enterprise Mobility Challenges and How to Navigate Them

Enterprise Mobility Challenges and How to Navigate ThemManaging enterprise mobility and wireless service costs today is challenging at best! Employees, for the most part, are savvy about wireless carriers and devices and have high expectations with the support they expect. Security issues continue to plague even the most sophisticated organizations. Data consumption is on the […]
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5G Blog

Ready for 5G? What you need to know

Ready for 5G? Each year, the predictions of new technology and what the year may hold are on everyone’s mind, and curiosity about 5G is no exception. Looking back at 2020, there have been significant milestones in the buildout and integration of 5G networks; however, the progress still varies based on carrier. Let’s take a […]
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Why Utilize Experts for iPhone Refresh Projects?

Technology innovations and updates rule Enterprise’s IT departments. Balancing those updates that bring meaningful impact to the business, align to budgets and can be successfully deployed and supported is paramount for today’s IT leaders. Apple recently introduced a new range of devices that includes iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone […]
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Three Reasons to Utilize IT Equipment Leasing Services

Minimizing costs and keeping your tech ahead of the curve Having access to high-quality IT equipment is crucial to the operation of business enterprises. However, this essential component of a functioning business can be cost-prohibitive, and often requires extensive management and oversight. Due to these obstacles, some companies may avoid purchasing IT equipment altogether. In […]
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