The Benefits of Wireless Expense Optimization

Wireless expense optimization can help businesses reduce unnecessary expenses and improve budget management. Find out how a wireless expense optimization and audit can benefit your organization.

In today’s digital age, wireless carrier expenses can quickly add up for businesses. However, with the help of wireless expense optimization, organizations can effectively manage their wireless expenses and reduce unnecessary costs. An audit and optimization offer various benefits, such as improved budget management, increased cost savings, and enhanced visibility into wireless usage. Discover how wireless expense optimization can benefit your organization and help streamline your wireless expenses.

Gain better visibility and control                                                                                                                                          One of the key benefits of wireless expense optimization is the ability to gain better visibility and control over your organization’s wireless usage and expenses. With a comprehensive audit and optimization, you can easily track and monitor your wireless usage, identify any excessive or unnecessary expenses, and take proactive measures to optimize your wireless plans, features and contracts.

This increased visibility allows you to make informed decisions about your wireless expenses and ensure that you are only paying for the services and features that your organization truly needs. By gaining better control over your wireless expenses, you can effectively manage your budget and allocate resources more efficiently.

Gain an inventory of all devices                                                                                                                                          Just like it is important to know and understand all the IT assets your company uses (computers, laptops, software, data and network resources), where they are, how they are configured, etc… mobile devices also fall into this area of concern.

This is important for many reasons including lifecycle management and knowing which devices may have operating systems that are no longer supported or will not be supported with future updates. Outdated devices pose a security risk to the organization and having a structured inventory in real time with quick access to it is key to managing your mobility program.

Understanding which devices are under contract and not under contract is valuable in that it can support more efficient use of equipment costs to provide newer devices where they are most needed.  Having a well thought-out equipment policy will reduce your overall equipment costs versus having your employees determine when they want to upgrade their devices.

Incorporating a reclamation program into your device strategy will allow you to recoup valuable older phones to be used as spares or sold generating funds to reduce your overall program costs.

Align actual usage to the best available rate plans, features and discounts                                                        Ongoing monthly analyses of your usage can position you to constantly align actual consumption to the best available rates plans, features and discounts.  Both carrier rate plans and employee usage are constantly changing and must be aligned to keep your per unit costs at their lowest.  US based wireless carriers allow you to change rate plans, add new features and remove existing features with relative ease.  The ownership is on you the customer to identify areas of opportunity and act on them to avoid wasteful spending and/or overages.

Carriers offer dozens of features which can provide additional services, functionality and help you manage your wireless costs.  If not proactively managed, they can add unnecessary costs to your monthly bills.

Realize cost savings to fund other areas of your business                                                                                  Managing your wireless costs takes ongoing forensic level monitoring and managing while partnering with your business units to help control the consumption of wireless services.  You can control the per unit costs while you must provide visibility to the business to determine if their usage is appropriate for the various employees’ roles.

By identifying and realizing both cost savings and avoidance your can control the total costs of your wireless program.  This will allow you to take advantage of newer devices, faster speeds and greater features providing your employees with the best wireless devices at the most reasonable cost.  This is critical as the utilization of wireless services continues to grow exponentially with newer and newer applications constantly being deployed.

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