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Evolution of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Program – using more than software

While there are many software tools in the market today to help manage wireless telecom, is software alone the correct approach? The complexities of today’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program requires a comprehensive approach that combines software with experience to manage a dynamic and ever-changing landscape.

Knowing what problem(s) you are trying to solve is the first objective in planning a successful Enterprise Mobility Management program.

  • How are wirelessly connected devices utilized in your enterprise?
  • How many employees need a company-issued device?
  • What is your current infrastructure and would it require changes?
  • What products and/or services make up your wireless program?
  • What is the environment and personality of your enterprise as it relates to wireless?
  • Where does leadership stand in regards to the Enterprise Mobility Program and all the moving parts?
  • Where are you starting in the formation of a wireless strategy?
  • Do you have centralized or decentralized management?
  • Do you have existing inventory that is an issue?
  • Do you have carrier contracts in place?
  • Do you have a formalized Wireless Policy and security applications in place?

Having a thorough understanding of where you currently stand with managing wireless and a clearly defined desired end-state is not necessarily apparent.  However, without it, your initiative will not achieve the measurable success you seek.

Having access to wireless subject matter experts can guide you along this journey to transform your current state into a well-thought-out and architected program designed with thought leadership and alignment with industry best practices, your enterprise considerations, and measurable results.

Components of a Successful Enterprise Mobility Management Program

Wireless Policy                                                                                                                                                                            A well-crafted Wireless Policy governs eligibility for corporate-liable devices, specified carriers, devices, accessories, plans and features, individual liable (BYOD) device’s ability to access enterprise systems. A Wireless Policy also governs various use cases, applications, security, and of course also provides an exception process.  The policy should address as many variables as possible while offering guidance to manage employees’ expectations.  Leadership must support and help communicate a wireless policy as they rarely please everyone.  Lastly, conducting an annual policy review will keep your policy aligned to changes in both your enterprise and the wireless industry.

Wireless Processes                                                                                                                                                    Processes that support deploying devices and services, supporting employees with activations, enrollments, and ongoing technical issues, together with expense management processes that prepare invoices for payment, manage an inventory, allocate expenses, optimize rate plans, and provide reporting on consumption and costs are paramount.  There are many IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools, Telecom Expense Management products and more Wireless Specific Solutions available.  Not all enterprises have one integrated solution, but understanding each individual process, what it accomplishes, is supported and the relationship to other processes is critical to maintain a complete workflow, data integrity, and expense stewardship. 

Wireless Expertise and Best Practices                                                                                                                      Extensive enterprise focused wireless experience is a must to define, deploy and manage your Enterprise Mobility Management Program. Without wireless subject matter expertise your program will miss out on years of best practice development, current trends and future industry changes that need to be factored into your policies and processes.

Currently, supply chain issues have impacted wireless programs among many others.  Device shortages, SIM card shortages, and short-staffed carrier support teams together with increasing demand have resulted in significant delays with acquiring and deploying devices and services.  Having experience with setting up a wireless logistics program can alleviate some of the delays using bulk ordering from diverse suppliers and by refurbishing and re-deploying used devices.  Not having an alternative approach leaves you at the will of your wireless carrier and victim to the supply chain crunch.  Access to wireless experts, their best practices and a network of providers can help you address ongoing and future industry issues.

In Summary                                                                                                                                                                Businesses today each have their own domain expertise to develop and deliver their products and services bringing value to their customers.  Having that innate domain knowledge of their industry is what sets aside successful companies.  Having domain expertise on all internal, non-strategic business functions is neither practical nor cost effective.  Successful companies rely on other expertise to bring efficiencies and value in a cost-effective manner.

OVATION, since 2002 has been supporting enterprises to deploy and manage Enterprise Mobility Management Programs.  Our singular focus on wireless with a team made up of wireless industry veterans has delivered cost savings and process efficiencies that allow our customers to focus on core activities that set them apart in their industry.  Our object is to do all the heavy lifting with managing wireless expenses and devices.

Contact us today to learn how OVATION can support you to define, deploy and manage a successful Enterprise Mobility Management Program with our wireless expertise and comprehensive solution set of software and Managed Services.