Minimizing costs and keeping your tech ahead of the curve

Having access to high-quality IT equipment is crucial to the operation of business enterprises. However,
this essential component of a functioning business can be cost-prohibitive, and often requires extensive
management and oversight. Due to these obstacles, some companies may avoid purchasing IT equipment altogether. In these cases, businesses should consider an alternative option – IT equipment leasing.

Benefits of IT Equipment Leasing:

    1. Payment Options – By choosing to lease IT equipment, your business can assess the most cost-
      effective programs without additional pressure from sunk costs. This improves overall cash flow
      and capital to allow greater focus on the tasks that really matter to your company.
    2. Payment Scheduling – When utilizing an IT equipment leasing program, companies have the
      option to pay monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. according to preferred business practices. This allows companies to work payments into operating costs, rather than an up-front payment to purchase equipment.
    3. Maintaining Updated Equipment – By leasing equipment, rather than purchasing it, businesses
      can stay ahead of the curve as technology is updated and improved. The speed with which technology evolves makes leasing equipment preferable, so that purchased hardware does not become obsolete and lose value for the company.

IT equipment leasing provides a solution for businesses to access high-quality resources without requiring extensive investment of time or money. Businesses looking to upgrade their IT equipment with a managed leasing program need only find the right company to assist them in the transition.

If your business is looking for a reliable company to assist you with IT equipment leasing, OVATION Wireless can help. With our Lease Bundle Solutions program, you can now supply the most up-to-date technology to your employees through a single low monthly lease payment.

We work with your current vendors to aggregate all your must-have components into a custom equipment bundle (smartphones, tablets, other connected devices, wireless accessories, mounts and more). Additionally, we will buy back old devices that no longer meet your needs. Our Reclamation and Recycle Program properly disposes of old mobile equipment while securely removing all data on old devices.

With over 18 years of delivering exceptional results to our clients, OVATION strives to bring best-in-class expertise, tools, and resources to every customer relationship.