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5G technology

How 5G Technology Will Change the Transportation Industry

How 5G Technology Will Change the Transportation Industry The 2017 Federal ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate kicked off a massive investment in technology by fleet managers.  Since then, the available telematics technologies go far beyond the compliance requirements of ELD to include fleet safety, optimization, productivity and sustainability. All of these require a strategy incorporating […]
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How Wireless Technology Went from 1G to 5G in Five Decades

How Wireless Technology Went from 1G to 5G in Five Decades As wireless technology picks up its pace toward 5G implementation on a widespread basis, let’s take a look at the History of the G’s – from 1G in the late 70s, to the development of 5G, to the potential of 6G tech on the […]
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example of unified endpoint management. UEM is a single interface to manage multiple. device types

The Shift to Unified Endpoint Management

What is Unified Endpoint Management? In today’s world, IT Managers are looking for a way to securely bringing endpoints into a digital workspace from anywhere regardless of device type. Unified endpoint management (UEM) is an integrated approach and software tool that provides a single interface to manage multiple device types — from PCs and Macs […]
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5G Blog

Ready for 5G? What you need to know

Ready for 5G? Each year, the predictions of new technology and what the year may hold are on everyone’s mind, and curiosity about 5G is no exception. Looking back at 2020, there have been significant milestones in the buildout and integration of 5G networks; however, the progress still varies based on carrier. Let’s take a […]
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Three Reasons to Utilize IT Equipment Leasing Services

Minimizing costs and keeping your tech ahead of the curve Having access to high-quality IT equipment is crucial to the operation of business enterprises. However, this essential component of a functioning business can be cost-prohibitive, and often requires extensive management and oversight. Due to these obstacles, some companies may avoid purchasing IT equipment altogether. In […]
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5G highlights as we enter 2020, hurry up and wait

5G highlights as we enter 2020, hurry up and wait When it comes to 5G availability for 2020 the answer depends on the type of network each carrier is building and to what level of progress each has made, as all carriers have a different strategy to their 5G buildout. It also depends on the […]
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OVATION Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence in Managed Mobility Services

Cornelius, NC, November 15, 2017 / / OVATION Wireless Management, an industry leader of Managed Mobility Solutions, is pleased to announce they are celebrating 15 years of outstanding client service this month. OVATION was founded in 2002 by former wireless carrier veterans Randall Light (OWM CEO), Rex Greer (OWM President) and Lee Newman, (OWM EVP), all […]
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