Technology innovations and updates rule Enterprise’s IT departments. Balancing those updates that bring meaningful impact to the business, align to budgets and can be successfully deployed and supported is paramount for today’s IT leaders. Apple recently introduced a new range of devices that includes iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro. And with every Apple announcement and new iOS devices to hit the market, IT departments are asked to evaluate the benefits of the new technology.

One of the new features with the new iPhone 12 series is that they will run on the 5G network. As 5G networks are expanded even more this year, this means enterprises will have faster and more secure devices to support the increased number of applications and business requirements being supported by mobile technologies. Pressure from both employees and the business for newer iPhones have increased the support demands of an already stretched IT team.

Wireless Experts To Manage iPhone Upgrades For Enterprises

Managing device refresh projects is a serious task that can be overwhelming to IT departments and in some cases is left to the employee. This often leads to ineffective and incomplete upgrades increasing employee frustration, wasted money and older devices being given to family members or sold on websites like eBay. A well-managed device upgrade program includes a comprehensive strategy around when to upgrade devices, staging and kitting new devices so the new devices show up ready to be utilized, and finally, ensuring the older devices are reclaimed to be wiped of sensitive enterprise data.

While a comprehensive mobile strategy is key, having wireless experts to manage is critical for success. Today’s wireless carriers have limited resources to support these projects while IT departments typically are not focused on device logistics. Utilizing a wireless expert to run a device lifecycle program will bring cost predictability, a great employee experience and a secure cost-effective way of managing older devices.

How OVATION Wireless Can Help You?

It has been noted that IT departments may often overlook the predictable mobile refresh lifecycle approach. Having older mobile devices that may not be running the latest operating system can present data security risks to an organization in terms of malware and other hacks. Bringing in a third-party expert like OVATION to help manage a complete device refresh project includes a comprehensive strategy and approach to help mitigate some of the unknowns that can be involved when businesses are looking to upgrade iPhones or a large quanity of mobile devices.

OVATION Wireless provides complete Managed Mobility Services, enabling your business to efficiently
upgrade the latest iPhone handling all the details associated with a large device refresh project from
start to finish. In addition, OVATION can manage the carrier costs and ongoing support components of a
comprehensive mobility program.